And Yet, The General Public Believes Methadone Clinics are Highly Regulated…..

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March 3, 2013

And Yet, The General Public Believes Methadone Clinics are Highly Regulated…..

The State of Georgia has this nice little online tool that you can use to access the deficiencies that have been written up on Narcotic Treatment Providers(Methadone Clinics). If you click here to open that page, then click Find A Facility and scroll down and Select Narcotic Treatment Programs under Healthcare Related Facilities, then click Search, this will pull up a list of all Narcotic Treatment Programs in Georgia. You can then click under “Inspection Reports Available” to view most recent reports.  The following are examples of some of these reports:


Inspection15 Inspection17 Inspection12 Inspection2 Inspection Report 1 Inspection 20 Inspection 18 Inspection 16 Inspection 14 Inspection 13 Inspection 11 Inspection 10 Inspection 9 Inspection 8 Inspection 7 Inspection 6 Inspection 5 Inspection 3 Inspection4

Even though there are some pretty serious violations listed in these reports most clinics only receive a “D” violation.  (See Enforcement Matrix Below) Click to Enlarge.DCH_Matrix_for_deficienciesIf you have similar reports from your state you would like to share on the website, please email them to

Thank you all for your continued support. We will make a difference!

















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