“Positive Tickets” and Major Prescription Drug Abuse Announcements

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by
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“Positive Tickets” and Major Prescription Drug Abuse Announcements –CLICK HERE

This is the comment I left to this article. I know it will be deleted so I decided to post it here:

Again, I say it starts with the pharmaceutical companies. They know how addicting these drugs are and should only be used for end of life issues. I think instead of putting all this money into other “educational” things which is obviously not working {There were more deaths due to Prescription drugs than automobile accidents} why don’t the pharmaceutical companies pay for all the rehab caused by these addicting drugs? Kaelan  Hollon, I know you will delete this comment as you have all others that I posted but I challange you to respond to me…….Is it really about people’s health or the money?


RE:”PhRMA deserves a “positive ticket” – we’re doing it right.”  THERE WILL BE NO “POSITIVE TICKETS” FOR YOU UNTIL PRESCRIPTION DRUG DEATHS STOP!




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