Methadone related deaths- Please post your story under comments here.

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Please share your methadone related death stories on  the comments.  I am so sorry we are walking through this grief journey but together maybe we can save someone else from the pain and heartache we feel.

I hope to use this information to help stop methadone deaths. If I can help anyone please leave a comment and I will get back with you. I check comments every day. Please comeback soon!



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24 Responses to Methadone related deaths- Please post your story under comments here.

  1. DanaR9302 had this to say about that:

    My brother (and only sibling) died on May 6, 2007 from an accidental methadone/benzodiazepine overdose. He was 25 years old, and I was 22 at the time. He was a talented drummer and artist who inspired so many people. His ex-girlfriend’s mother started selling him her methadone (for which I have no idea why she was prescribed). He quickly became addicted along with his other band mates. He was able to kick his habit by staying with my parents to detox, being sick and bedridden…locked in his room for several days. We were all so proud of him. I went to a show at a local bar where his band was playing in March 2007. After the show, I could immediately tell that he had taken methadone. He had the tell tale higher pitch and slower speech to his voice. “It’s just one” he insisted. Don’t worry. Within a few weeks, he was nodding off at all hours of the day. His famous line was always “I know what I’m doing.” This was around the time that Anna Nicole and her son overdosed. On May 6th I got the call from my dad and all he said was “you need to get over here”. I knew something was terribly wrong. I insisted that he tell me, and he said “Eric’s dead”. I was in complete shock. My mom and dad will never be the same. I lost the person who was supposed to be here to see my 3 kids grow. I will never be an Aunt. All of those childhood memories seem almost as though they never happened because I have no one to relive them with. And the guilt consumes us to this day. Why didn’t we do more to get him help? What could we have said/done to prevent this tragedy? His roommate who was unable to wake him for work will never be the same. Who tried but failed to revive him. He said he felt his feet and they were cold, and he knew that was bad. He has been gone for over 8 years, yet not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. Everyone (especially kids and young adults) think they are invincible until they aren’t, and then it is too late. This medication should not be available for pain management. In fact, as far as treating opiate addiction, I think Suboxone is much safer. I miss my brother. My 3 year old son looks and acts just like him and he’s a constant reminder of a life lost far too young.

  2. LONA1109 had this to say about that:

    Methadone Clinics are just a prescription for death. My son “Cameron Porter” passed away on December 3, 2014, I found his lifeless body in bed and tried to wake him up. For a while I thought that this was just a nightmare and I would wake up soon. I relive that tragic day everyday of my life. The only thing that keeps me going is my 10 month old granddaughter who was almost 3 months old when he passed away. I cannot even describe the pain, loss and the missing piece of my heart that will never be replaced. The goals of these clinics are basically making money. In 2012, I accompanied my son to the clinic. I never heard of methadone and I needed to speak to someone before he started “treatment”. Of course they call it treatment, otherwise they would not have so many “people” coming to the clinic. I observed different classes of people, white collar, blue collar, not just one type of class. They lined up looking like cattle getting ready to be branded. I found out later that some of the people could take their dosage home for weeks at a time so they would not have to go to the clinic. Take note this place was located in a very seedy area in Tampa, Florida (I would never go into that vicinity after night fall). I did meet with the Administrator and a counselor regarding this clinic, nothing was ever mentioned regarding overdose, death, etc. Everything was positive. I myself believed this person and as naive as I was, I always give people the benefit of the doubt. This man gave me a song and dance with promises of my son being able to get off these drugs that caused his addiction. I loved my son so much that I would have done anything to get him back to the way he was raised. I went to the clinic approximately 1 month later with pictures of him passed out on the floor and asked is this is what methadone does to you. Of course their response was “NO”. I asked them to deny him anymore doses, and they did, but they did not red flag him, nor put in notes in their file. Rewind 25 years, my son was born on April 1, 1989 in Tampa, Florida (We are natives of Tampa and raised in Ybor City, before Ybor City was what it is today). He was a sweet and good child. When I became pregnant, I was taking medicine for some sort of infection in my pelvic area, I looked up the medicine and discovered that it can cause deformancies if taken during pregnancy. For some odd reason I did not take the medicine as prescribed and when I went back to the doctor for a follow up, low and behold I was pregant.

    At the time, I was married to a man that I met in high school, but he himself was a alcoholic, a drug addict, a physical and emotional abuser and a philanderer. I really thought I could change him and having a child would change him. The only reason I married because he was the first man I had ever been with sexually and it was imbedded in my mind from my mother, that if I had sex before I married, I would go to hell. The doctor wanted me to have an abortion, but due to my Christian belief and my faith in GOD I knew everything would be fine despite the fact that I went into labor at 24 weeks and stayed in the hospital for approximately 3 months. To say it was easy to be confined to bed is an understatement, but I would do whatever I could to make sure my son was born healthy. GOD got me through this hurdle in my life and the day he was born was the happiest day in my life. Of course my child was the most beautiful child I have ever seen!!! All mothers think that even though some of them look like little old men, when they are born. Life went by so quickly, I worked and took him to a private daycare. I lived for my child, and if I wasn’t working, I was with him. My husband I divorced, because he did not change, but got worse. The physical and emotional abuse had gotten worse, despite he had cheated so many times, I did not want my son to be raised in that kind of environment, it was not healthy for me or my son. Life was great after that, my son nor I felt like we were under the gun. I could finally live the life we were suppose to live, with happiness and I was very very happy. My son grew up with a lot of priviledges that some children do not have, with the help of my father who helped me raise him, but he was raised with morals (respect, honesty, etc. He was a bright and intelligent child and good and caring person. I always told him, you can be anything you want to be. His father was a different story though…. He never ever took on the responsibility of being a father, I could not trust him with his own child, therefore I had supervised visitation. His father never even attempted to change, all my son wanted was his father’s love, and I really don’t think his father knew how to express himself, the alcohol and drugs clouded his mind. But Cameron wanted so much his father’s approval. I remarried in 2000 to a man named David, who had custody of his daughter, so I helped raise his daughter and David became a father figure to Cameron, he coached his baseball, we were there for his football in high school and he also raced go-carts (which cost us a fortune!), but it kept him out of trouble, because we kept him involved in sports and many other things. No drugs, drinking, etc. in the home. I also stressed academics, he was in the National Honor Society, Homecoming Court, just an all around child. There was never a time that I didn’t have 2-3 boys staying at my home, because I was the mother whose main priorty was if I was not working, I was at home. Never went out, never partied. I guess I was pretty boring. But Cameron always knew I was there for him and treated his friends as if they were my own. When Cameron graduated, he was given a full scholarship to college and he had Florida Pre-paid. He was set, then he decided to move out (I begged him to stay home) and that is when the trouble began. I never visited his apartment because I had a lot of health issues at the time, but I did speak to him often. In the end, he lost his job, stopped going to school because of the drugs and partying at the apartment. He ended up coming back home, and by that time, he was addicted. Arrests would follow for a DUI (He was drinking and smoking marijuana with his father who didn’t even take his keys), and possession of my dad’s pain pills (approximately 2 pills), but he started stealing from us, he violated probation many times, and he ended up in jail. Finally after many letters to the judge, he was placed in rehab. That seem to help somewhat. He met a girl, who was a recovering addict,(crystal meth) to say the least she is not what my son would have gone out with before he was on drugs, but he seemed happy and they lived with me for 1 1/2 years. She ended up pregnant, they did not work and were living off of me. His personality changed, he was mean, disrespectful, argumentative, violent tendencies. I always cherished the ground he walked on. But I found myself so frustrated that I was being mean also. My work suffering, because I worried about the well-being of the baby. Many times that were so messed up that my husband and I took care of the baby because I was so afraid. I kicked them out for a while, but eventually they came back. Then the methadone clinic started again, he started stealing from me to get his doses. I did not want him to be involved with this again. I would not allow him to take my car, so in turn he took the bus. Something my son would have never done before, he wrecked 3 cars and thank “GOD” he did not kill anyone. I would continously pray for him, the girlfriend and the baby. I blame myself to some extent because I did not research more into methadone. I was going into 3 different directions, taking care of them, my parents and the baby. Two weeks before he passed, I spoke with him and expressed my worry about him dying, his response was “Mom, I am not going to die.” He showed more effects of the drug in his system, he slept a lot, I would always wake him up because I was so scared…. On December 3, 2014 at 4:30 a.m, he asked me to use the car, so he could go dose, my reply was “No Cameron, I am sick of this, you have a child to raise and you need to think more about her than yourself.” I then looked in the mirror and asked GOD to help him, help him to become a better man in order to take care of his child. He took the bus, that was the last time I saw him alive. I allowed his girlfriend to take my vehicle, she picked him up,(I told her not to), they went to my parents and fought. They ended up going home, and him passing out. She came to pick me up at work, we went shopping for the baby. I asked her if she woke him up before she left, she said “No” that is when I started freaking out. I hurried home, praying to GOD that he was fine. I kept asking GOD if he was O.K. GOD’s answer was he was fine. I ran into the house and tried to wake him up, he did not respond. I kept telling GOD, please don’t take my only child. I had to realize that by GOD telling me he was fine, he was fine because he was with GOD. I received the autopsy approximately 3 weeks after, he passed away from Accidental Methadone and Xanax Overdose. The medical examiner stated to me that he really did not have enough xanax in him to kill him, it was the Methadone. that killed him, from the same Methadone Clinc that kicked him out. I blame myself, I did not know that Methadone stays in your system for up to 72 hours. He had so much in his bloodstream and his liver. I also found out he was talking 140 mgs of Methadone a day, and if you felt like it wasn’t helping, you make them aware and they will put in up to 10 or 20 more mgs. There is no protocol there, there are even patients that are taking 240 mgs a day. I called the Administrator and made him aware of my son’s death and I also made a statement that for $15 a dose with so many people going I am sure that they are doing fine financially, his response was “Oh yes, we are doing very well financially” That is all these clinics care about, my son was not considered a human being, he was consider a number in fact his patient number was 6416. He still had money on the books and I made them return that to me. I saw people at the cline who were so out of their mind on other drugs, they still dosed them. How can these people live with themselves. I cannot believe the state would allow such clinics to exist. I tried to contact Attorney General Pam Bondi,who did go to high school with me. But to no avail, I am just a number not a person. I got the run around from her office and I figured I would. I have no clue where to go from here??? These clinics do not realize how much suffering the families go through, besides the fact that they are killing people we love. Like I said before, their patients are not considered human beings, just numbers and patient number #6416 is gone…. What numbers have followed????

  3. Jme71407 had this to say about that:

    July 14th 2007 my step mom passed away on !y mothers birthday (her partner) from methadone overdose. She was addicted to pain pills and was wanting to get clean. She wasn’t even going to the clinic a week before she died. She started vomiting things she had 2 days prior and told the nurse who was only there twice a week. They did nothing. 2 days later she drove home from what would be her last treatment. She told my mom (her gf) that she was dozing off at the wheel but that she was fine and wanted to sleep. At 12am I woke to my mother screaming. Christy was blue and unresponsive with no heartbeat. Our visiting friends tried CPR while the other called 911. I watched the emergency crew rip her shit open and and finally found a small pulse. But she was gone by the time she made it to the hospital. I watched her die while my mom was inconsolable .I was 16. She was my best friend, the person I turned to for everything. I loved her like she was my own mother and these drugs took her from us on my mom’s birthday, a day she will no longer celebrate. They used her like a Guinea pig and pumped her with methadone. Her tox screens were off the charts. 700\1000 was found full of methadone. And nothing has been done. I want them gone, demolished if its the last thing I do. It’s my only wish in life aside from the impossible of bringing her back. I miss her everyday while others who abuse and use methadone recklessly get to live…

    • tonya1968 had this to say about that:

      We are so very sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing your story. We will continue to work and bring awareness about this deadly drug.

  4. brieck corleone had this to say about that:

    My brother died from methadone sent by a pharmacy to the wrong door. 19years old. Then a friend at 19 also.
    God help..

    • tonya1968 had this to say about that:

      I am so sorry for your loss. Together we can prevent others from enduring the pain caused by this dangerous drug.



  5. sykessl had this to say about that:

    It’s time legitimate users of Methadone and the families who have lost loved ones work together to Stop Methadone Deaths. Legitimate users of Methadone should not be upset with the families who have lost loved ones to Methadone and are speaking out in our pain but instead they should be upset with the uneducated doctors who over dose and kill their own patients, patients who are allowed to take home doses but leave them where small children can swallow them and die, and mostly to those who give or sell their Methadone prescriptions to uneducated children who die at their hands. These are the people who are ruining it for the Legitimate users of Methadone. There are 3 factors here:

    1. Addiction is a disease. Best case is the person will go through a medical rehab
    treatment program, and with a strong will and NA meetings be able to beat the addiction. Methadone is only trading one addiction for another. With drugs like Oxycontin we have sadly created a whole new generation of Heroin addicts. For some people the addiction is so strong they choose to use Methadone clinics. My son became severely addicted to Oxycontin back in 2003. He started snorting it and then ended up shooting it. He was only 18 years old. By 2004 he was going to a Methadone clinic trying to wean himself off shooting oxycontin. That was my first experience with Methadone and Methadone clinics and to me it was only substituting one synthetic opiate for another. Yes it helps lessen the spread of HIV and Hep C but the person is still addicted to a life with opiates. That was not the life my son wanted for himself. I convinced him to try and get clean and I took him to a medical rehab program at Summit Hospital in Oakland, California and prayed he would get clean and beat his addiction. Jason had serious genetic addiction issues and would battle his oxycontin addiction off and on for years. He overdosed on Heroin in 2006 and lived but struggled over the next few years to stop using Heroin and Oxycontin because he did not want to overdose again and die. Two days before he died he saw a doctor who specialized in opiate addiction and was given a prescription for suboxone that he never even lived to fill. Sadly on 5 Feb 2009 a so called friend would give him her Methadone and he would die in his sleep. This person should have been prosecuted for giving her deadly narcotic prescription drug to my son but the DA said they were friends and both known drug users so they would not prosecute. My 24 year old son is dead and this 35 year old woman still walks the streets sharing Methadone and other dangerous drugs with other young people. It is people like her, the legitimate users of Methadone for addiction and pain should be upset with because it is people like her who will ruin it for the people who really need Methadone and would not give it or sell it to anyone else.

    2. Pain management: Some legitimate users of Methadone who are upset with the families who have lost loved ones to Methadone for speaking out against it, I have this to say about pain. While battling oxycontin addiction with my son, I suffered severe pain from stress. My vertebrae protruded into my spinal cord and severe nerve pain rippled down both of my arms. I was unable to work and had to keep ice packs on my arms to keep from screaming out in pain. I was on Percocets, Xanax, and a Nerve medication called Neuratin. I now realize how lucky I am to be alive today because Xanax taken with opiates has resulted in many people dying in their sleep. I remember my doctor telling me that if the Percocets stopped working he would put me on Oxycontin and I remember telling him I would die first from the pain before I would take Oxycontin after seeing how it had destroyed my son’s life. That was 2004 and my son was still alive and battling his Oxycontin addiction. After 4 months of physical therapy, the use of a neck stretching machine, acupunture, and a chiropracter I no longer needed the neurotin, the percocets, or the ice packs. I was pain free and not addicted to opiates. It is better to take 1-2 percocets as needed instead of Oxycontin which is a much more addictive opiate. Lastly, as bad as the nerve pain I suffered from was, at least I was able to manage my pain. You don’t know true pain until you experience the loss of a child. It doesn’t begin to compare with physical pain. With physical pain you can take something or do something to make it feel better. The unbelievable pain I have endured by the loss of my son Jason is so much worse than any physical pain I could have ever endured. Because of a careless act Methadone was illegally given to someone who was struggling to get clean and whose opiate tolerance was low because of that struggle. There is nothing I can ever do or take that will ever make this pain go away. Because someone with a Methadone prescription illegally gave away and or sold her Methadone a Mother grieves for her son, a sister grieves for her only Sibling, and a 3 year old little girl will never know her Daddy or stare into his beautiful blue eyes.

    3. Methadone Education: All doctors need intense education on how to treat and prevent overdose of their patients. All patients need intense education on the dangers of Methadone, it’s long half life, and the grave dangers of mixing it with other medications. Patients in clinics who are allowed to take home doses need to sign a statement that if their take home dose results in the overdose or death of another person they will be charged with attempted murder if the person lives and murder if the person dies. Initial patients should recieve only low doses under family or doctor supervision to ensure the person is Methadone tolerant. How sad for the families of those who went to a Methadone Clinic for help but ended up dying from the very drug that was supposed to help them. Lastly prescription Methadone should be banned. There is no way to keep people like the woman who gave her Methadone to my son from abusing it when they can get a prescription from any doctor. If a doctor can overdose and kill a patient in a Methadone Clinic,then why do we have such a dangerous drug being handed out and abused on the streets? Methadone should only be given as a break through pain medication after all other efforts have been exhausted and then the person should have to go to a Methadone Clinic with the strict rules and training I mentioned above. These Methadone Clinics need to be strictly monitored by the FDA to ensure the doctors are educated and following strict guidelines to protect their patients and that the patients are educated and following the rules. This would allow both the addicts and pain management users of Methadone the right to use Methadone in a clinic setting where they and the Doctors are highly educated on the dangers of Methadone. This would keep people like the woman who gave her Methadone to my uneduated son from killing other children and or would send her to prison if her Methadone kills another child. I know Jason didn’t realize how deadly Methadone is or know about its long half life. I know this because my son promised me on his 24th birthday that I didn’t have to worry about him anymore because he wasn’t going to take Oxycontin or Heroin anymore because he didn’t want to risk the chance of another overdose or death. After his death the rumor was he died because of Oxycontin. When Jason died a friend of his told me that Jason had done a Tatoo for a guy that paid him with Oxycontin but Jason never took it because of the promise he had made to me and to himself. When the toxicology report came back and said the cause of death was .63 mg of Methadone I was so shocked. I had no idea that Methadone was outside a clinic setting, that it was being issued just like percocets with a prescription and was being abused on the streets. I was so worried about my son dying from oxycontin or Heroin and I never knew to worry about Methadone. Please let’s find a way to work together to save our children and to ensure those who really need Methadone are able to get it in a safe, supervised, and educated clinic staffed by higly trained doctors. Let’s find a way to work together to make Methadone safely available to those who truly need it but punish those who abuse the take home priviledge that results in the death of others, especially our children. God bless those who have lost their children to Methadone and other deadly prescription drugs, those who suffer from addiction, and those who suffer from chronic pain.

    In Loving Memory of Jason Patrick Healey

    Oct 30 1984 – 5 Feb 2009

    Victim of a Methadone Overdose

    “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever”

    Sharon Sykes Healey

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

    • pammyjo had this to say about that:

      Im on MMT I am a 32 year old, mother, wife daughter, small business owner. I am scared shitless to come off of methadone. I did it once already and it was nit a good place. I started my addiction to prescribed Vicodin. That was in 2006. Its been a long bumpy ride, with overdosing, death and everything in between. So I have been illicit drug free since 2010:) On methadone and afraid to get off. There was just a death in the state I live in involving a 2 year old overdosing on parents methadone. The mother went to clinic daily father had take homes. Maybe the baby accidently got it or maybe parents gave it intentially. I strongly believe that there should be no take homes!! I see things everyday. People selling there methadone. Taking methadone and saving it in ones check. Only to sell it later on. I see people visible impaired and driving after leaving clinic because they are taking Xanax with the methadone. In Maine I can take benzos and still dose. In Florida you can’t dose even if you have a legit script for benzos. I’m a methadone patient. I’m mad at the nurses and doctors who “overlook” these people. If I see it they got to see it. I’m mad at the board of directors at these for profit clinics who are suppose to help the addict. Methadone has helped me stay sober. Methadone also has me under its control. I can’t go on vacations ( boohoo I know, lol) but it also has me physically and mentally trapped. I detoxed from methadone in 2009 it was scary. I’m on 40 mg now and tapering 2 a week which I just started my taper this week..

      • BrenONeal had this to say about that:

        Pammyjo, Thank you for having the courage to share your story with us.You have no idea how many people who come here can relate to your identical story and appreciate your honesty.I know the news article you are referring to about the 2 y/o overdosing on the parents Methadone. Sadly, these deaths with infants and children happen way too often and what’s worse is when you read the parents did it intentionally.My heart goes out to you it is obvious you are feeling trapped at the Methadone Clinic.From all my experience over the past 7 years in helping others come off of Methadone doing the slow taper you will definitely be more successful in quitting along with keeping you the most comfortable. I have more info to help you quit that I can share later.Pammyjo, everything you listed as a problem with the Clinics are truthful facts that go on across the United States with the Directors, Dr.’s, medical staff and other authorities have been turning a blind eye to for years. However, if more patients reported these problems to their State Methadone Authority, DEA and SAMSHA demanding action changes would come quicker. You or anyone can report anything you know and be Anonymous.I know many patients fear retailiation from MMT/MAT Clinics they attend if using their names, although the patient has the right in doing so. Pammyjo, you can do this…FEAR is the biggest obstacle the majority of people feel first when they are wanting to quit Methadone.On Topix there’s a main thread “Methadone Withdrawal Mental and Physical, ” I help out there along with others where people come seeking answers ,needing support and information feel free to post there anytime for help and encouragent. Hope to hear from you again soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Bren

  6. tracy had this to say about that:

    I gave birth to my daughter May 23, 1985. I named her Gabrielle Stacy Helmsmeier Pinnix and she was beautiful. She left this world on July 25, 2010. I love her & I miss her very much.

    My daughter died from a drug interaction, from prescrpition drugs that were sold or given illegally to her by people she mistakenly thought were her friends.

    She had no idea that she would never awaken that fateful Sunday morning. She had told me the night before not to worry… She would be alright. She would never have left her 2 baby boys or her family like this. I had no idea of the illegal prescriptions she had been taking.

    She did not have enough of either drug in her system to kill her, but the combination proved deadly. She had a prescription for Fluoxetine(Prozac) as she suffered from Bi-polar disorder. She was given or sold Methadone by people she trusted. Many people have lost their lives through this same drug interaction and the numbers are rabidly on the rise. Do the research and please know what the dangers are.Please Copy and share this with your family and friends.

    • Bren ONeal had this to say about that:

      Tracy, I am so deeply sorry to read about your great loss your precious daughter Gabrielle.Methadone taken alone or in combination with other medications continues to kill spreading like an epidemic all across our nation. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the links you’ve posted are greatly appreciated.It is extremely important we spread this message in order to educate and help save lives.We will stand together our voices will be heard n stopping these unpreventable deaths.Tracy, please do not feel alone in your journey we are here to help you and your family anyway possible.Love and Prayers, Bren

  7. Chasity Huston had this to say about that:

    I lost my mom on July 14th 2010. The doctor had put her on Methadone with her Percocet as a break through drug. He also had her on Klonapin, Trezadone, Lyrica and Lythium and she was to take these at the same time, at night. She never told me that he put her on it cause she knew how I felt about it and just wanted something to relieve her pain. Well on the morning of the 14th, I woke up and went to check on her only to find she had passed away in her sleep. Her cause of death listed was Emphysema/Chronic Bronchitis. This was crazy as she did have a mild case and had not used oxygen in almost a month. The real story is, the ME was friends with my mom’s pain management doctor and when her autopsy came back, all those listed meds above that I knew and seen her take, did not show up on her autopsy. The only med that did show up was cough syrup as she did have a cough that she had caught from her sister from a visit a week prior. I feel like that with this report coming back, the doctor escaping being held accountable, I can have no closure to my mom’s passing. I with they would stop giving out Methadone and it just takes people from us long before they should leave us. My mom was only 48 and not a day goes by that my heart does not throb from missing her so much.

    • Bren ONeal had this to say about that:

      Chasity, I am so deeply sorry for your great loss.Thank you for sharing your story with us it is heartwrenching.I hope you will continue to come back and we will help you get through this difficult time.We would never want you to feel like you are in this Alone because you are not.Prescription deaths have reached epidemic levels all across the United States in the last decade.If we join together as a family on behalf of our loved ones our voices will be heard as we speak out about these preventable deaths.Your Mom was too young to have died this way and again I am so deeply sorry.Love, Bren

      Wendy McAdams
      1/26/73 – 5/4/06

    • sue had this to say about that:

      First of all let me just say to all of you that have lost loved ones. I am so very sorry for all of your losses. I do not mean to be insensitive. but I feel like I need to share my story now. 9 very long painful .years ago I suffered from several combined conditions. that intern produce chronic daily pain. the first year in a half and I went through this. the horror story of all the combination of nasty pain medicines that the doctors have put me on. I bought a prescription handbook. and learned that some of the things they have me on for colliding with some of my other prescription medicine. for instance my thyroid medication. needless to say I learned way back then. a person really needs to be pro active with their health regiment and their doctors. and by the way not only did I have trouble with that. but most of the nasty little things tore up my stomach so bad. did nothing for my chronic pain. nobody that is truly in pain like taking pain medicine I’m gonna tell you that right now. approxmently 7 years ago I had a doc. put me on a morphine for the day to day pain and the methadone is for what is known as the break through pain. anybody out there that have true chronic pain knows what breakthrough pain is. And that in order to treat chronic pain. you have to have at least 2 pain medicine. in other words. these are the only 2 pain meds I have taken over the years that do not tear up my stomach. And actually make the pain so that I can function. I’m still not able to work. but it least I’m able to do aqua therapy. and get some other quality exercise. I do not get any kind

      • BrenONeal had this to say about that:

        Hey Sue, Thank you for your condolences and for visiting our website.By all means we do take into consideration chronic pain patients and not ignore them. I am a chronic pain patient, also. So I do understand your the frustrations about medications’ side effects and how let down we feel when some meds do not work on us.You are right we must be involved in our own health care while often seeking 2nd or 3rd opinions when choosing doctors to treat chronic pain patients or those facing surgery for examples.I’m happy to hear you are able to get quality exercise that will help relieve your suffering to an extent…exercise is so important in our daily lives. As for Methadone for your break through pain medication, I encourage you to continue to do current research about its long half life and how it interacts with other prescription drugs or over the counter drugs for your safety. Hope to hear from you again Sue and may God touch you with His healing hands. Love, Bren

        • sue had this to say about that:

          Hi bren thank you for your reply. again I just wanna emphasize. There was so much more I wanted to say. but I will say this. sometimes there is no surgery for certain type of chronic pain. I have tried whatever they would throw at me many times over. I’m sorry to say this to all of you out there. sarah I was going to be medications because no harm to 1 person. anime fortunately have dire consequences on another person. believe it or not there has been death over the years from penicillin. do I like taking pain meds day in and day out hell to the no. but that’s all there is 4 me. I have tried everything else over and over like I just said. n yes anytime something else is added to my medications I always make sure they’re not connect to live with what I’m already taking. I just feel like you guys are all hopping on the methadone bandwagon. because of your past horrible emotional stories. like I told you before I am truly sorry for all of your losses. But if you keep the bandwagon going. you’re gonna have a drug out log that help many of us with daily living. Thank you for listening

          • sue had this to say about that:

            I apologize for some of the words in my previous reply. I’m afraid this is not working out very well with this phone. I can’t seem to format it for my smartphone. I hope you get the gist of what I was trying to say thanks

          • sue had this to say about that:

            I would also like to add to my previous statement. when I say I’ve tried different things out there. I don’t just mean medication like I was talking about in my first reply. I mean I have had physical therapy over and over and over. I have tried more needles in my back in yuken name. I have asked for trying things. so did I just decide 1 day oh well I guess that’s all I can do. maybe yeah after I tried everything else there is to try. all I can do is make the best of my situation. and if I have to take these nasty little pain meds everyday. so that my life is the quality best quality I can have for now. then I guess I will just have to do that. there are always gonna be certain medications out there. that 1 person can tolerate an another person simply can not. and unfortunately sometimes the doctors do not find that out until its too late. and I will say it again n again. insurance companies pretty much run doctors these days. they don’t spend the time with this anymore like in the old days. that’s why we have to be in charge also an babe barry proactive about what they’re giving us what’s gonna clyde with what excetera excetera

          • BrenONeal had this to say about that:

            Hey Sue, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better today.Ill try my best to reply to your concerns in the order you have raised them. But, first let me tell you I am well aware about Methadone and how it has been used for decades. I remember vividly when Methadone Clinics opened in the 1960’s to treat addiction mainly from those who used heroin. I had a former brother in law(now deceased from overdose) who went to the Clinics off and on over the years.Sue, if you’ll reread my 1st reply back to you I told you I was using surgery as an example. I was diagnosed with chronic Migraines over 30 years ago and Fibromylagia 22 years ago. Trust me please I do understand when our only options are to be 1st treated with medication and like you I do not like it either.Sue, you are wrong to imply we have jumped on a bandwagon because our adult children died from Methadone.It is obvious you are not clear on the circumstances surrounding these deaths.Have you read any of our research that are based a true facts ? If you think we are bias then google Methadone related deaths thousands are dying every year from preventable deaths.Many, many die after their 1st dose, many die within the 1st two weeks and others like you who have been on it for years die in their sleep from complications or side effects. I could not live with myself if I did not help educate the public the dangers of Methadone. Love, Bren

          • BrenONeal had this to say about that:

            Sue, It is not the insurance companies that you should worry about it is the Big Pharmaceutical Companies and Doctors that have built a multi million dollar industry annually off of Methadone alone .Methadone deaths have reached an epidemic all across the United States and they know they are killing innocent victims. It’s called GREED and POLITICS. However, there have been enough people that have joined together over these untimely deaths our voices are being heard. Finally, after years Doctors are being held accountable for prescribing and over prescribing and Manufacturers are held responsible and being prosecuted for medical mal practice, wrongful death and negligence.

  8. Nancy Garvin had this to say about that:

    Five years have passed since I lost my son Robby via methadone and a pain management doctor. Within 40 hours this lethal poison took his life and mine too as i will never be the person I once was. We have to let as many people know how deadly Methadone really is and that is an uphill battle with all methadone supporters who will fight to keep their drug legal and available. No one should feel the way we will feel for the rest of our lives, so many inncoent lives taken far too soon, somedays the pain is just to great. In Memory of Robby Garvvin, Born August 15, 1981 – June 11, 2006

  9. Bren ONeal had this to say about that:

    On the morning of April 5, 2006 our 33 y/o daughter Wendy was found dead in her apartment.A negligent Doctor had prescribed her Methadone for pain medication without any test or review of her chart.We know now from the Autopsy and Toxicology Reports Wendy had died 8 hours after takung her first dose of Methadone.She had no tolerance to such a strong dangerous and deadly drug.Our family learned that Methadone had been put on the market to treat pain patients a few years prior to her death.Normally Methadone had been used for 40 years to treat opiate addictions in the setting of Methadone Clinics.For over 5 years I have worked on and offline with grieving families that have lost their adult children to a Methadone Death.I am fighting with others for an end to come to these untimely deaths that have now reached epidemic rates all across the United States.As we join together our voices will be heard over the senseless deaths of our loved ones.

    Wendy McAdams
    1/26/73 – 5/4/06

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